Saturday, September 1, 2007

Encounter #9: Shake Ya Ass

You better believe I used to adore this song. I immediately thought of it after watching that 50 video below in Cuy's post. "I'm buyin if you got nice curves" is a maxim to live by, I guess. The ethos of The Neptunes is astonishing. Why aren't they still popular. Are they? Do they even make beats for anybody besides Clipse at this point? I don't even know. I'm out of the loop. --RWK

Encounter #8: 50 and Kan

9/1 today, 10 days till the albums drop and we see who will or will not be rappin anymore.
pay no attention to the Kanye video, just listen. I have been predicting (to my associates) a guaranteed Kanye victory in this heated 9/11 battle, but AYO Technology kills it. Tim and Jt cant be fucked with right now. 50 could have rapped about the inet and ipods as the new "technologies" and it would have still been dope. But he stayed true and stuck to what he knows- bitches. Good boy Curtis.

As for Kan- he nabbed T-Pain, the instant hit maker, and made a hit. The song debuted at the end of Entourage last weekend, and not surprisingly, its hot, like Vinnie Chase (but the song isnt empty and without talent).
The track opens with T-Pain's electronic voice singing: "Im a gunna get on this TV momma, Im a Im a, Im a put this shit down"

and he do.

JT: You got me saying... AYO, Im tired of using technology, why dont you sit on top of me.?!

NOTE: I only cited JT and T-Pain, for this is the age of the hook in rap, something both Kanye and Tim know (and well knew when producing these tracks). The rappin is standard, mumblin 50 and the cocky Kan, but both tracks hit the spot, Im saying.

oh and one further note: listen carefully at about 1:20 into Kanye's Good Life. whats that? was that? um. wait, wait a second, was that a 50 reference? yup. I think it was.