Friday, January 25, 2008

Encounter #26: Lights and Music

Just watched this. After a night like last night (with hard stuff like this), these Australians can gimme creamy candy like this all day long. Plus, they make the low-budget video work. --RWK [via]

Monday, January 21, 2008

Community #9: Not For Attribution

Nice dolphin, nga
I'd beat
Although Butchie's departure was painful, this was the funniest episode ever of The Wire. If Simon keeps it up I may have to take back my complaints with the first two episodes. (Probably won't, though, since that second episode was plain obvious.) More from Cuyler at VINYL shortly right here. Just wanted to put these up here now. And cuz we didn't use Batman Bug in our eventual layout. --RWK

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Encounter #25: Television is evil after all. (Or it is in Mexico when it's called Infarto.)

I don't speak Spanish but I can recognize evil. This is a clip from the Mexican prank show Infarto, and the pranks pulled and produced by these assholes are only bad news bears. Why am I posting this, then, years late to this hateful party scene of evil jokesters and fiendish non-laughs? Cuz I love The Soup and think Joel McHale has perfect timing. (And cuz The Soup came on after The Wire.) Apparently McHale calls this waste of space idiot box trainwreck of a program "the most evil practical-joke show in the world." He's probably right. Although, you know, given that everything looks so staged, it could be the best Brechtian joke ever, maybe, if, well, if it weren't in the business of making people want to die. --RWK

Encounter #24: Never Forget You Are So Electric

Because I've had that Cut Copy So Cosmic mix on repeat, I had to find a way to listen to this song foreal. And this song is still pretty great. But, believe me, it's even better when blended with Lifelike. So there's this, too:

Believe. --RWK