Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ice Cream Terrorism

Stealing a page from my long lost cohorts, an excerpt from a chat last night that had my sides splitting. FYI/BTW: I was imagining Wonder Breads, not a baguette.

12:17 AM America: i'm spilling ice cream all over myself
12:18 AM Thailand: haha
haven't had good ice cream in a minue
12:19 AM America: i shld ship u some of this
12:20 AM Thailand: oh yeah
the colbert one
America: hella good
Thailand: yeah
you know what the preferred vehicle for ice cream is here?
America: hahahaha
12:21 AM Thailand: yeah
a literal ice cream sandwich
its bizarre
America: hahaha
Thailand: in a culture that doesn't even really have bread, they put their ice cream on it
12:22 AM America: amazing
i'm still lol
Thailand: yeah
i still laugh when i see it
i'll find you a pic
12:23 AM America: k
i dunno maybe its good
12:26 AM America: hahaha
12:27 AM that looks AWFUL
Thailand: yeah
it doesnt' look great
maybe if it was like french toast or something
12:28 AM then i'd be down
12:29 AM America: yea, you shld try it
and write a bit about it
Thailand: yeah i will
12:30 AM i've been meaning to try it for a while
but whenever i see it i can't bring myself to do it
12:31 AM America e: i honestly dont blame you
Thailand: yeah
theres a lot of shit i still gotta try
12:32 AM weird shit
America: i cant get over the fact that the chocolate in that picture looks like shit
like real shit
12:33 AM Thailand: yeah thats the thing too
is the ice cream here is never good
chocolates never good
unless its from somewhere else
America: looks like bad soft serve
12:34 AM Thailand: basically anything thats not traditionally thai is done badly
America: such blanket statements only make me lol
Thailand: i guess thats how it always is
i'm for real
America: i never use "lol" but there's no other way for me to say it right now
12:35 AM Thailand: thai made chocolate is just bad
America: i believe you!
Thailand: i don't blame them
its a relatively new thing
same with ice cream
America: hahaha
12:36 AM Thailand: anyway
i gotta get going
me: ok
thanks for the laughs
Thailand: yeah
me: i shld probly sleep too
Thailand: the laffs are on me