Saturday, February 21, 2009

Songs #34: Muh gurhs / social STATS

my gurhz
So this new Animal Collective album is pretty great, right? I finally listened to it all the way through on my headphones and, yes, I feel its groove. Some kind of post-BrianWilson slash synthsyrup mess. It's a mess. But it's fun. Also, there's already been some great remixes of that standout song "My Girls" which I've poached for us here...

original version [direct link via rooftop fist fights]

Gigamesh "proper house" remix [direct link via pretty much AMAZING]

HATCHMATIK disco bootleg mix [mediafire via discobelle]

[pic is a found fact from last weekend; sure to happen again tonite, only better dressed and more populated by pretty peoples]

Friday, February 20, 2009

No Capes #7: Denis

so cool, so sexy it hurts...

Kid Cudi Day N Nite

I believe this is directed by SoMe, at least thats what I had read. It looks like Terry Gilliam's Fear and Loathing mixed with Linklater (both in Dazed and Confused and his "animated" stuff) mixed with SoMe's Good Life. Sorta basic, but the song is, has always been, sick as all hell, and Cudi's a good lookin, skinny, bro, so yea, sometimes thats whats most important, ha.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Last Night(S)


Mariah (s)Carey

Diddy and K. Cole, different song, but I love it.

Other than the obvious reasons, they have similar names, these songs are all really nice together, and in this order, when I wake up in the morning. Even if nothing happened last night. Nothing happened last night.

Quick Lit Shit #17: Hermeneutics Ancient & Modern

Not only is Bruns' work admirable scholarship (dude definitely _knows_ all the texts he cites), it's enviably well written -- clear and unfussy but not boring, with plenty of "complicated" sentences that demonstrate his understanding (ha) of the problems of language inherent to the questions of understanding. I learned a lot. My understanding of understanding is definitely different. --RWK

Quick Lit Shit #16: Ender's Game

Still a favorite. --RWK

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

John Roberts (not the chief justice) is funny

I dont think something this funny is something I should be considered late on. Plus I cant write something serious like below and not follow up with "sike!"

Two Lovers: A Dark Tail
with a Song to make you shake it

Watched this last night on the ol' Megavideo (Im watching it!). Pretty damn cool actually. There is something to be said for the grace with which Joaquin (not just the actor, but the actual written character) transfers his love for Gwyneth P. to Vinessa Shaw. Somehow the movie justifies a "settling," something a love story rarely does, and surely rarely does with confidence. It doesnt hurt to have this cast and a fine soundtrack. Which brings me to the title of this post. This f***ing Moby song/video is unreal. When the song slowly creeps in as Joaquin starts licking Paltrow's neck in the club, I started paying attention (surprise!). Check it out below. I have been all morning.

David Byrne, Tuna and Gift of the: People Tree

I posted this bc I like the video, yea, its fine, not incredible. But recently (since non-stop listening to my '96 and '99 mixtapes via The Rub) I have been thinking about how I miss certain things about rap and I welcome most things I hear now, but don't really like it all that much. How do I incorporate my new and old tastes in to one big thing that I like? Well, the aforementioned mixes is one way and two, throw a nice video with a hipster king like Byrne and 9th grade underground, uh, Don, like Gift of the Gab (not to mention J5) and the result is something that might be on its way to what Im hoping for. Keeping working for me world!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Kanye West Video: Welcome to Heartbreak ft. Cudi (aka taser boy)

KANYE WEST "Welcome To Heartbreak" Directed by Nabil from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.
Not sure if the whole taser thing is true, but you could pay me to wear any shoe. Isnt that the penultimate experience for a hipster, being payed to wear hip shoes? I dont know. I like the guy a whole lot though. Kanye said this isnt the next single, but somebody out right now has the same style of vid as this "Welcome to Heartbreak" so he had to drop it, so as not to be a biter of things Pop. God Forbid.

Monday, February 16, 2009

'99 Mixtape via Bill via the Rub

Not much to say, shit blew my mind.
heres the link to the player
Heres the link to the download, other choices and track lists
Fav 15 songs from 1999 to 2009??? ill make my list after you (all).

What Community? #82: Springfield
Title Sequence #11

I'm not even the biggest Simpsons dude, as Carlton and Bill will attest, but this is big. --RWK [via KK + Carlton in group chats]