Friday, January 2, 2009

¿What up New York? Artists who make videos of their own remixed songs are cool.

Kid Cudi, obviously, does not approve of this. Read about it here. (fuck i cant insert the link, so, uh, here So hes quite popular at this point, and alhtough im a late post-man, Im not late on the hiphop news, so i gotta say I saw this shit coming. he´s dope, good for you, amigo. Heres his myspace, uh, Also, question, if anybody reads this, Im fucking sure "you" dont: isnt it great how excellent people in hip-hop dress now? rhetorical. because no one reads this.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Gettin back to my Roots

My friend Melodie wrote me the other day saying happy Hannukah. i thought that was great! there arent any jews in Barcelona (maybe theyre hiding, or maybe and more probable-y, Europeans are fucking anti-semitic and jew cultures been guillotined. anyway, i miss you (them) so im back to what brought this blog about, at least for today. Thanks melo and lD and jS.

A Toast. Mazel Tov!

Good for Gosling

Dead Man,s Bones

Dont think i care one way or another about the song, but at least it wasnt Wonderland, which is what i was sorta expecting. I think in a way i look like a darker version of him, or he reminds me of me, so i wish him/me the best, ha!

--- Vicky Cristina Barcelona ---
Life is Cycling Downhill

Not totally sure what to say about this film. But thats why there are pictures of Penny JAvi and Scarlett. In fact the movie itself lives by a similar philosophy. Its all narrated by a dorkus white boy, a fairy tale voice for certain, a fairy tale film so indulgent in all things beautiful, why say all that much about the non-gorgeous? why not spread more art (it does) more beauty (it does) more of this fucking city that i have the pleasure of currently living in,(it does indeed). Its kinda Godard, kinda Woody aLlen. how? Scarlett´s character, Cristina, is a free-spirited, sexually uninhibited, blossoming artist, frolicking around Barcelona, who only knows what she "doesnt want." Still, no matter how badly Woody Allen doesnt quite want his characters satisfied, much less his audience, he fails miserably here, and we all walk away happy and horny. As for my title, pues, the only time bikes get ridden, is when theyre going downhill. ahhh,