Friday, April 3, 2009

A ladY to Drink with: Mary Wells

What Community? #88: Texas in my necklace

Stephen Jackson, no beat, doubtfully fresh no rehearsal. Defo no homo. --RWK [via Shoals]

Considerable linear extent in space #7: Not exactly

How low is that hoop? Woody is not long, but very white. Somehow he lays a brown lady in this movie. And somehow, through the magic of movies, he jumps. I will never dunk and I'm okay with that. --RWK [via]

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Encounter #138: Unheard of.

I'm pretty tired of white people talking about Wayne (as I know Cuy is as well) but allow me this: Wayne knows some hoops. He drops some names you probably don't even want to pay attention to, like Spencer Hawes, noted seven-foot Pacific Northwest redneck Republican. Also, it's unclear who his "we"s refer to, even though "we" all know he's from Nola, not Sacto, and I'm sure he drinks clear alcohol with CP3. He's a genuine weirdo. Related: Maybe my horned rim glasses (yup) should be bigger? --RWK [via]

All My Churren

When my friend showed this to me, I immediately chastised him "to turn that fucking shit off, it's RACIST" (Chiwetl Ejiofor was sleeping in the next room, so scary). Anyway, I enjoy this in private now, especially after a hard day of yelling in the phone.

On another note, I'd like to thank Cuy and Ryland for allowing me to be a complete degenerate on their esteemed blog. Congratulations motherfuckers, none of you will be able to find gainful employment with the U.S. government.

-- Alfonso Ribeiero, Esq.

Design Poached Eggs

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Design Poach #15: WiiSpray

Yet another reason to get a Wii. Some German dude programmed this as a thesis. More about it here. --RWK [via ANIMAL]

Genius Marketing #54: Girlfriend
Design Poach #14

Soderbergh, for all his silliness, is a smart guy. Also, um, great mouth. And while we're at it: did you see this one? --RWK

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Music to eAt With:
New UGK and Method Man returns on the radio

Also some more of datnewnew here.

Design Poach #13: Face Tapes

Here we have repurposed nostalgia making pretty, and reminding that patience is a virtue. Serious: how long do these take? You can see more by clicking here. --RWK [via BoingBoing]

Design Poach #12: Business cards

Apparently this is how LEGO does their business cards. I don't think I'd want it that way, actually. Though, to be fair, I've never been that obsessed with stuff like that; just curious. I mean, I could, understandably, within reason, print up some cards, I guess, if I wanted to, but, you know, like, that would be like, um, a life choice? --RWK [via the guardian]