Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What Community? #35: Muppets take "Manhattan"

I've never had the wrong kind, either. I can't imagine Kermit having any kind, though, which is why, I guess, this is funny. --RWK [via]

What Community? #34: this club

chug chug chug
Gotta love Monta cheering him on, with a good sweat going. Is this why they slowed down at the end? Shoals thinks it may be a bigger reason than weed why a lot of ballers don't always bring their A game. Pic stolen from, Carlton's new favorite website. --RWK

(NOT) Genius Marketing #20: North Texas Nissan

Avery Johnson is one of my least favorite players and/or coaches of all time. It's mostly an irrational thing, but I think he was a big, um, help to the disintegration of the Mavs over the past two seasons. And, you know, not that he can help it, really, but that accent is silly. --RWK