Saturday, February 9, 2008

Encounter #46: Pony

One among many antecedents to The Dream's "Falsetto." Still, I'm apt to agree with Cam: it's the best. (Also, The Dream wishes he could be this cut, dance this well, and exude one sixteenth the sex appeal that Ginuwine does here, or always.) --RWK

Encounter #45: Falsetto

Universal Music Group has disabled embedding the video on YouTube so I can only link to it. Or simply link to an mp3 for you to download. This isn't too big a problem, though, because The Dream is gross. Somehow the video is still sexy but, surprisingly, it has more to do with the song than with the hot girl in the video. Or, wait. Here's the video after all. So, you tell me: is the video worth it? Or is it, like, way better (sexier) when you're just listening, imagining? I vote for the latter. --RWK

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Odd Couple. April 15th


Encounter #44: Going Nowhere

It's no Beau Travail but it's pretty good, pretty odd, pretty pretty. And, you know, the song is good. That whole fucking album is good. Gonna test it: a top five favorite. Take that, Discovery! Prompted, as expected, by an evening of little productivity on the homework front. Off to bed. --RWK

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Encounter #43: Er, Eyelines.

That's The Wire's Snoop staring hard at video/magazine hottie (some say "ho") Angel Lola Luv's knockers. You can't really blame home girl, can you? (Can you fault me for calling Snoop home girl? We play for the same team, so to speak.) I'll believe Angel that those rumors are fake. I want to believe. --RWK [Via]

Monday, February 4, 2008

Encounter #42: Missy Needs You!
to Wear some Glasses

New video from the new album, and you! You just might be able to name that shit, so get on it. What would I name it you ask? _Felony Elliot in 3D, son_


Genius Marketing #6: Versace packaging.

white box
Yup. --RWK

Encounter #41: That defining play.

Good job, son. Probably the only time you'll encounter me promoting (American) football. Oh, yeah, this is cool, and funny, too; wait til the end. --RWK

Encounter #40: I say, "Hello. Hello, how are you?"

I hope I never wind up like Zelmo, but I sure hope I can live as immediately as Zelmo, as anybody in a Cassavetes picture. A Cassavetes "character" isn't really a character, though. Just like Cassavetes himself isn't really an actor, or director, or writer. He's a liver, and a lover. Yes, I'm getting into some hero worship. And, yes, I mean two things when I say "liver" -- he lives a life well (yes, again, present tense) and he drinks a ton of alcohol. For all the fun I had this weekend, I evacuated myself from myself a little too much. My immanence was inhibited. (And yesterday I ate too much meat.) The greatest moments in a Cassavetes picture are those moments of clarity when the booze dries up. Yet, part of the reason I adore Love Streams so much is because, at the end, during that Noah's Ark rainstorm madness, it's finally a liquid version of the previously gaseous (yet, over time, ever more blocky) pictures Cassavetes made. To use my friend's phrase, he exceeds me. He's way too cool. For more proof, here he is talking about what he wants from movies, from directors, from audiences, from life. Too cool. --RWK

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Genius Marketing #5
Encounter #39: It's mine

Actually, this one is pretty great, too. It looks pretty fantastic. And Charlie Brown's head popping up behind a water tower made me beam, if not actually chuckle. But, you know, that was nothing compared to that game-winning TD catch. That shit was tight. Not so tight? Eli's mud-thick accent. --RWK

Genius Marketing #4
Encounter #38: A talking stain

Probably the best ad I saw during the Super Bowl. Oh, yeah, the game was awesome. As was all the meat we/Willie grilled. --RWK