Thursday, March 5, 2009

What Community? #84: A box of parrots.

Kinda long, but proves he's still got it. I never watch any more. Am I missing great stuff all the time? I can't really stand to watch Colbert anymore... --RWK

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Genius Marketing #52: Gangster violence and some language.

As said over here: Wherein the fan side of things gets tickled into action. Thank you, Michael Mann. (And the ad people at Universal.) Why? The teaser trailer for his summer tentpole, Public Enemies, is now available for viewing. After last night's waste, I'm happy to be excited about Ho'wood product because I can trust that, unlike that bloated advertisement masquerading as a "movie," this feature will only get better the longer it lingers on screen. Also, it will be gorgeous without a ton of digital paint. It will weigh something, too, I imagine, despite its speed. --RWK

this man is in jail
[This man is in jail]

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Throw a neg! #2: Watchmen

3 is not 1
Fuck "embargoes"—I don't give a shit if I'm never invited again. I was ready to walk out inside five minutes, during the opening credits. However, I stayed. For the full fucking 3 fucking hours of this dummzville parade of bullshit. Zach Snyder can write all the nasty emails he wants: he's the worst kind of middle schooler around this "movie" business. Get a life, dude. Go be rich, fine; great job at that. But I cannot imagine ever enjoying one of your movies. The worst part? It's soooooo not worth getting this upset about. Why am I soooooo upset? Why didn't I buy two tall cans? More later, maybe, in other spaces. --RWK

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Design Poach #11: Alice Tully Hall

alice tully hall, renovated
What: The newly renovated Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center across the park from me. I first saw it at magic hour, it was yet more beautiful. Unfortunately, I did not have a camera.
Stolen from: This flickr set set up by A Daily Dose of Architecture