Friday, February 6, 2009

What up SF? Back home-ish for now-ish: Mos Def

I would like to welcome myself back from a half year in the Euro gyro borough. I miss Spain already but as soon as i got situated and had a beer, I checked my most beloved rap sites for some needed rap news. I heard this, and usually I cant stand to listen to DJ edits, but this one's mantra is one that is more than appropriate as youll hear.

Quick Lit Shit #15: Fortress of Solitude

I've read this book too many times. It's not even that excellent. Still, I wish I'd written it, or my version of it, since our youths sound strikingly similar in tone and a few particulars. In any event, it was a big deal for me for a while. --RWK

Songs #33: Like a cop car.

red and blue
UMYO at it again. After the pure dope "Hook It Up" remix, this one just keeps their smarts coming. It's funny how lil wayne there is in the song now, too. (Did you get my double move?) Also, is that "Gredos" name really a Star Wars joke? Are these guys really that cool? Somehow I doubt that's what they're after. Maybe I'm wrong. In any event, this one is so simple, but effective is leaves me one question: where you at, Huskies? --RWK

Lil Wayne - Mrs. Officer (UMYO Gredos Remix)

[Pic is from an old trustworthy fave I recently rewatched. I'd forgotten this yummy splash.]

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Encounter #128: Former famous white guy falls off stage.

Word 'round the 'Net is that Jaoquin Phoenix has turned into an ugly white rapper. This vid tells us that most of what he's good at, it appears, is falling off stages. I need to get more positive. I had a good day. --RWK [via Brynaz]

Quick Lit Shit #14: Girl In Landscape

Maybe his best novel. --RWK

[I still think so.]

Genius Marketing #46: Bushwick white people

At least, it's genius marketing for any young, hip thangs who dream of the idiot lifestyle such a 'hood as Da Wick (my term) can offer. This makes me vom in all kinds of ways. I just have no use for it: sure, those girls are pretty, but you can see those girls on any L train; and, no, I do NOT like the song. I liked it better when it was Swedish, and actually fun, and not just a costume. Who's grumpy today for no good reason? --RWK [via jace, who makes way better music]

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Considerable linear extent in space #5: Watch all 61

I realize I'm late on this. It's so worth it to watch. What's funny to me is how far the pendulum continues to swing in favor of Kobe. As if everybody and their mom decided, "Aw, shucks, he's no rapist." Can't really blame them, though, when you're one of them. Especially watching a performance like this one. A couple of those step-through drives made me think just how much he would fuck you up in a game of 21, and then how much I just want to watch Bron and Kobe and D-Wade play 21, and then how much money Stern would make if he got them to do that. I guess that's why there's an All-Star Game or whatever but there's still 7 other dudes on the court. I'm talking real 21, with the you-miss-you-guard and only-3-FT's and behind-the-arc-is-2 rules. Who do you think would win? Wouldn't that be great TV? They would have to mic them, too, so we could hear them gab at each other and talk mess. Pay-per-view? How much would you pay? Or would you just hit --RWK

No Capes #6: Borges

so not blind