Saturday, October 2, 2010

What Community?

As friends or readers of mine know, I do not make this move: that of supporting or promoting something highly critical of an artist, especially a novelist. But this is not about just Franzen, it is about us. We are a problematic generation. One with gaping, transmission sized defects and no tools nor hands to operate the tools even if we had the tools, to fix them. I am presently compiling the struggles of living with a specific sect of our generation, an awful and unworthy-of-life group, into a paper no one will read. I will post it nonetheless, very soon. In the meantime, as an epigraph, this is from B.R. Myers' "Smaller Than Life." It is a review and a critique of the popular novelist Jonathan Franzen and his latest work, Freedom. (From the 0ctober 2010 the Atlantic)

Franzen does not take his story very seriously, but the irony is indiscriminate and directionless; he hints at no frame of reference from which we are to judge his prose critically. Nor are we to imagine that a fool or semiliterate is addressing us. The same narrator who gives us "sucked" and "very into" also deploys compound adjectives, bursts of journalese, and long if syntactically crude sentences. An idiosyncratic mix? Far from it. We find the same insecure style on The Daily Show and in the blogosphere; we overhear it on the subway. It is the style of all who think highly enough of their own brains to worry about being thought "elitist," not one of the gang. The reassuring vulgarity follows the flight of pseudo-eloquence as the night the day. Like the rest of these people, Franzen should relax.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ice Cream Terrorism

Stealing a page from my long lost cohorts, an excerpt from a chat last night that had my sides splitting. FYI/BTW: I was imagining Wonder Breads, not a baguette.

12:17 AM America: i'm spilling ice cream all over myself
12:18 AM Thailand: haha
haven't had good ice cream in a minue
12:19 AM America: i shld ship u some of this
12:20 AM Thailand: oh yeah
the colbert one
America: hella good
Thailand: yeah
you know what the preferred vehicle for ice cream is here?
America: hahahaha
12:21 AM Thailand: yeah
a literal ice cream sandwich
its bizarre
America: hahaha
Thailand: in a culture that doesn't even really have bread, they put their ice cream on it
12:22 AM America: amazing
i'm still lol
Thailand: yeah
i still laugh when i see it
i'll find you a pic
12:23 AM America: k
i dunno maybe its good
12:26 AM America: hahaha
12:27 AM that looks AWFUL
Thailand: yeah
it doesnt' look great
maybe if it was like french toast or something
12:28 AM then i'd be down
12:29 AM America: yea, you shld try it
and write a bit about it
Thailand: yeah i will
12:30 AM i've been meaning to try it for a while
but whenever i see it i can't bring myself to do it
12:31 AM America e: i honestly dont blame you
Thailand: yeah
theres a lot of shit i still gotta try
12:32 AM weird shit
America: i cant get over the fact that the chocolate in that picture looks like shit
like real shit
12:33 AM Thailand: yeah thats the thing too
is the ice cream here is never good
chocolates never good
unless its from somewhere else
America: looks like bad soft serve
12:34 AM Thailand: basically anything thats not traditionally thai is done badly
America: such blanket statements only make me lol
Thailand: i guess thats how it always is
i'm for real
America: i never use "lol" but there's no other way for me to say it right now
12:35 AM Thailand: thai made chocolate is just bad
America: i believe you!
Thailand: i don't blame them
its a relatively new thing
same with ice cream
America: hahaha
12:36 AM Thailand: anyway
i gotta get going
me: ok
thanks for the laughs
Thailand: yeah
me: i shld probly sleep too
Thailand: the laffs are on me