Thursday, May 21, 2009


Great suit, great tie, great sunglasses and, weirdly, great hair. 10/10.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Design Poach #17: Ice Cream Paint Job

First, get over me being "late." This blog is not about timeliness. Next: Love how low-tech this "video" is... and with roughly 400,000 views. Why "Design Poach"? Cuz my next 4-wheeler will defo have baby blue walls. I'm talkin Nuggets colorways. Cuz I ride hard like all them tatt'd up boyz. Take it to Kobe, make him do work; make him earn his Finals. Or, you know, clean him up and take it to Bron yourselves. Either way, you know the entire locker room of the Nuggets loves this song. --RWK

--many months later: derr, guess i had the wrong vid after (before) all...........

Quick Lit Shit #22: Figures Traced in Light

When he's not trying to settle some score or grinding some battleaxe blunt, Bordwell can perform some serious, and valuable, formal investigations. However, he's still a know-it-all, and kinda pompus, even here. As much as I know he must love movies, I don't know if his projects (now? ever? always have been?) aren't just a way to pump up his rep and not an honest interest in pedagogy, or plain enthusiasm. Take that, eminent writer! haha... --RWK

A Note: I'm humbled, some 10 months after dashing this off, by seeing the very end of this particular post at Bordwell's blog where he praises something I've written.

Quick Lit Shit #21: Leaves of Grass --RWK