Saturday, April 5, 2008

Songs #13: Nobody Lost, Nobody Found

I've been listening to In Ghost Colours almost nonstop since it found its way into my life last week. I think the second-to-last song is my favorite. I think the reason I dig their music so much is we share similar tastes, as can be seen in the press release stuff at Modular's website (click here). Plus, they're clearly into a lot of similar kinds of ideas about movement and eternity, which is dope. Anyways, here's that song I dig. It may play better if you've been listening to the whole album but it's still a pretty adorable song out of that context. Or so I think (and feel).

Cut Copy - Nobody Lost, Nobody Found
(hey, it was already on zshare!)

[Pic: back to a little eccentricity. But for fans of this work you'll spot this Latino instantly.]

Genius Marketing #12: iPhone DIY

No, it's not an Apple ad. But it kind of works as one since this is the first time I've wanted an iPhone. I mean, I feel like a shill for posting this... but it's pretty tight. It takes some musical know-how to do something like this but it gives a lot of nerds (like me, like Kanye, like the Japanaese who made this) a pretty exciting DIY thrill. Now if only I had an iPhone to begin with... --RWK

Striking Resemblances #1: Rush/Sydnor

brandon rush
det. sydnor
Throughout Kansas' welcomed destruction of North Carolina I couldn't help but think of the striking resemblance between Kansas' star swingman, Brandon Rush, and everybody's favorite Wire protegé, Sydnor (or, more apt, Corey Parker Robinson). A lot of it is the hair. In a related story: The match-up between Rush and Memphis' Chris Douglas-Roberts should be awesome Monday night. I'm sticking with Memphis, even though Kansas has more size inside -- and fire. Something about that Derrick Rose kid just says winner, you know? Plus, they hit their free throws. --RWK

What Community? #23: Baron dominated the college scene

Off the court, too, I'm sure. --RWK

10 minutes later update (as the first Final Four game begins):
I think Kevin Love is good and all that but Memphis should win this first game since their backcourt is so talented, and so much bigger than UCLA's. As for the next game... I think I've got UNC, actually. (Even though I hate, yea, hate Tyler Hansborough.)

Encounter #72: "Fair Weather Fan" moment of the decade

square wave
This is from Bill Simmons' most recent all-NBA mailbag, which is a lot longer and insightful (and funnier) than I expected since I stopped reading Simmons with any kind of regularity about three years ago. But, now, peep this -- I couldn't agree more:

Q: As a Warriors fan who witnessed a truly unique fan experience last year, I feel the need to report that the fans officially jumped the shark (on Sunday night against the Mavs) when I witnessed The Wave at the Oakland Arena. Did you see it?
-- Mike, San Fran

SG: Yup, I watched it happen live and reacted the same way I did when Jaye Davidson revealed her member in "The Crying Game." For the real Warriors fans who stuck with the team through thick and thin and got priced out from home games after last spring's memorable run, we're feeling for you. Not only are we down to one potentially great NBA crowd and that's it (MSG if the Knicks ever get resucitated), but my "Roar of the Crowd" column from the 2007 playoffs officially feels like it was written 20 years ago. It's just appalling. I can't get over it. Is there any throwback experience that doesn't eventually get ruined in professional sports? Watching Warriors fans doing The Wave with one of their own players at the foul line would be like seeing Bruce Springsteen take over the "Our Country" commercials from John Mellancamp -- an indefensible, legacy-altering violation in every conceivable respect. This might have been the "Fair Weather Fan" moment of the decade.

Although I don't agree with his assessment that part of the reason the W-men are fading is because they don't have J-Rich's fire and that Monta isn't enuf of an "hombre"... The only thing logical in that response is that the team's biggest players (Baron, Jax, Monta) are tired because Nellie never rests them. Still, I'm holding out hope. Even though they'll most likely lose tomorrow and seal their fate as the most lovable flame-outs in recent memory (since those C-Webb/Divac Kings teams). And, who knows, maybe they'll be able to keep their core together. Just so long as they keep smiling before, during and after every game, including losses. (There's more to read about the Wave incident over here.) --RWK

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

T-Pain calls Akon

thank you W PAGER Young A

Genius Marketing #11: Roy Anderson

Deceptively simple -- but super duper smart and funny and cool -- Swedish ads by Ingmar Bergman protege Roy Anderson. [via Termite Art]

Encounter #72: You're Not My Father!

I'm mesmerized. You win, Paul Slocum: you make irritating into almost beautiful. --RWK [via The Onion, as requested]

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Songs #11: Angeles
Songs #12: Alphabet Town

I keep saying this around the blogosphere but Paranoid Park keeps growing on me, bit by bit. More to the point of this post is that Gus Van Sant knows how to use Elliott Smith songs. But I think the two he uses in this picture, like the whole soundtrack, are placed perfectly. This scene, in particular, is startlingly moving. Sometimes it's easy for me to forget how good a songwriter Elliott Smith was, how much his music has played a part in stages of my life. ("Alphabet Town" doesn't appear in PP; it's just a personal favorite.) --RWK

Elliott Smith - Angeles (zshare)
Elliott Smith - Alphabet Town (zshare)

[I guess I've reverted to doing the obvious after that string of "difficult" or "esoteric" links I (and I alone) saw between my song and screenshot choices.]

Monday, March 31, 2008

Top Ten For Today: The Answer, Allen Iverson

This may be prompted by that loss to the Nuggets, or just aimless surfing, as usual, but I came across this clip reel that's pretty awesome. Of course, I think crossing over Jordan is probably the coolest thing on there. But, you know, a little man like AI dunking in traffic like in the number one play is pretty friggin (pace Bartlett) incredible. I don't believe his NBA listing, which makes this shit that much more impressive. No, instead of 6'0"/180lbs, I think he's an inch shorter, maybe 10 lbs lighter. Also, he played football really well in high school, as you can see below. Honestly: I'm glad he chose basketball. --RWK