Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Encounter #85: 35 feet

This is old news but, well, shit. I put it up because I read this. Here's a quote: "He is as charitable as a Rockefeller, unfailingly kind to his fans and has a quality you almost never find in a professional athlete anymore: He's playful." Word up. Also, I dig that it's a lady sportswriter. --RWK

UPDATE: Here's a hilarious (and awesome) fan tribute video:

Monday, June 2, 2008

(Kinda) Genius Marketing #21: NBA on NBC

With the Finals to start on Thursday, on ABC, I thought I'd harken back to the glory days of Josh Tesh via this super nerdy, violin-playing, NES enthusiast's rendition of the old theme that got adrenaline running way better than all those stupid hick-rock intros and ESPN mega-graphics. As for the video on hand: yea, it's cheesy, and he's no David Sides, but c'mon... it's kinda tight. That's a true fan, or something. (Here's the real Tesh greatness, if that's what you really want; if you really want genius marketing; if you really want almost three minutes of synthesized theme song inanity.) --RWK