Saturday, December 20, 2008

What Community? #71: Toes?

Is this as great as it is? Why am I resisting it, like, HARD? (Joke layers!) Also, I'm not pretty like them, and, well, who doesn't hate that feeling? Too many questions. All the fucking time. It's burrito time all the time. --RWK

Quick Lit Shit #10: Philosophical Investigations

I began reading it last summer in a course I thoroughly enjoyed. In our abbreviated term we only had time to cover the first 250 or so sections. Since then I've probably re-read the first 150, when I've thought to, with occasional ventures out past 250. Someday soon, after I graduate, say, I will look at it again. Or, you know, when I get to grad school, as the case may be in a few years. This is one of those things I might elect to travel with me to a deserted island -- so long as I had some paper and pen of my own. Or, perhaps, some way to mark the sides of rocks or the insides of caves. Of course, being alone on a deserted island with this book might be supremely depressing since its main goal is to a kind of therapy for our daily life in the world; how we may better remain in the everyday. It's funny, too, in its sly (dry) way.

A note: This kinda makes me barf. I've defo read more now and I think I can speak about it a lil better, too. Yuck! Still, this lil nugget was deemed (voted?) a "Super Review" on the ole fb. --RWK

Quick Lit Shit #9: The Glass Bead Game

I need to re-read this now that I may better comprehend those strands I once held tenuously apart from one another and only intuited as genius. But, as far back as then -- even then -- I knew it as one of the great things. --RWK

Design Poach #3: Everything's dirt

what's clean?
What: A (misguided? defo biased) guide to eating. For the record, I'm steering clear of steer and fowl and bacon-balls and (doy) varmints these daze. It feels great.
Stolen from: The incomparable, erudite and often hilarious infinite thØught

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Me Encanta la Comunicacion

One thing that is so wonderful about Barcelona is the small vasos. Beer is always served in half pints, coffee in espresso cups, when ordering a bottled water unless you are clearly one foot out the door, you are given a tiny litte glass to pour your water into and sip elgantly. I love small cups. If I drank milk Im sure theyd have a small cup answer to that order as well. Small cups, small streets, small jeans, small prices, small stairwells. ¿DO I have a problem with America? No of course not. This is real good here though, real nice.

I also am so in love with the way I communicate with friends back home. gchat is digital gold, textaul sex and dexterous comedy. Tooting my horn a bit, heres an example.

I love nikes. I also love vans and converse, but getting the latter two free just wouldnt be as satisfying.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Encounter #125: Sit down, son.

Dear Dwyane,
You are real. You make me laff and cry. You make OJ sit down, like your son, son. You make me think, Wow, I will never do that. You remind me, Yep, I am a top 4 talent. You play hard.
All the best!

No Capes #3: Nabokov

Encounter #124: Une Catastrophe, de Jean-Luc Godard

Nathan is hella correct, my friends. This thing is just too fucking good. So good I need to jump out my window into the rain--no pants!--and run around the block all freezing, laughing as the drops pelt my face and chest and my (rully long, for me) hair gets pushed flat on my forehead into my eyes so by the time I'm circled 'round again not only am I colder than cold but I'm straight shivering everywhere and, well, I'm blind, too. Dude can't quit tennis, can he? --RWK

Sunday, December 14, 2008

What Community? #70: Fuck money made from hate.

evil, straight evil
Carlton: i don't want to be negative
but this image is an attack on life
on beauty
on love
whether you like it or not

(Not) Genius Marketing #41: Everlasting Moments

Martha's been goin gaga for this film on the email front (exposure, What!) as she works together some words after seeing the thing in Santa Fe. Kinda crappy trailer sometimes, kinda crappy title, too, sometimes, but I really want to see this sadness. I mean, I can sense how it would/could (will?) hang together as one of The Great Things. I'll grant her that. She's crazy smart, and funnier than most people--in the written word no less. Have you read her blog yet? Get on it, dummy, like, yesterday and the month before. --RWK

Encounter #123: Chill the fuck out why dont you?

Get icy, please. --RWK

Quick Lit Shit #8: Lolita

How does one read another novel? I read this twice over winter break. I may read it again in May. The other question, of course, is why did it take me this long to come to this book? --RWK

Quick Lit Shit #7: Film as Film

Should be assigned reading for anybody interested in film. --RWK