Saturday, April 18, 2009

What Community? #89: Doin rails

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America's gonna do some rails. Or, Prezman made a proposal, which you can more about over here. I think it would be a great thing. Might help me sell that train novel, too, since trains will be so hip in this new network. --RWK [click pic for slightly bigger image]

Friday, April 17, 2009

This is a party

Nyle "Let The Beat Build" from Nyle on Vimeo.
I want to hang out with this guy and his crew. Its all one take, you can tell. the levels are fucked, he slurs a little, he smiles, everyone is goin nuts. Thats a good time.
Here's the original. Wayne over a Kanye beat off tha Carter III.

Sorry to so quickly overshadow the Busta Rhymes post, his verse is amazing.


Jesus, this is one dirty, scary rap and I, for one, am glad that Busta Rhymes is getting his big-dick-on-campus comeback. Game's verse too ... fuck ... wow. "I rock step Polo / them Ralph Lauren shades / Can't nobody live wit me / like full blown AIDS"

I've often wondered why rappers can just totally fuck up for three or four years, then come back with the hottest shit since sliced bread. Not so for rock music, where you either die, fade away into obscurity or become critically respected (but no young people give a shit).

Look at Snoop. The guy is petrified wood in terms of music years and I will put money that my future kids will probably be dancing like idiots in their room to his 2022 club banger.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Marketing #56: Where the price is the brand is (on) your body

Or, where sex is recession proof. I'm sure you've seen this already, but, well, I think the ad work for this film is great. Of course I'm gonna see it. Not only does the whole pornstar crossover thing appeal to me (duh), I want to see what Manohla called, in its Sundance rough cut, a Godardian take on commidification or some crap. I also want to see Glenn. --RWK

Quick Lit Shit #20: The Road

If not the best thing I've read of McCarthy, it's my favorite. It's brisk. It refuses to wallow because it cannot indulge self-pity. A simply gorgeous final paragraph. --RWK

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Encounter #140: One among many.

MJ in the middle there had this little visual ditty made for himself, apparently. It's a good joke. Or, terrifying. Keep those gloves on, dude, and get back in the studio. Sing something fun again, maybe? That'd be cool. Cooler than this. --RWK [via Carlton]

Steve McQueen's HUNGER

My top 5 favorite film genres:
1. Movie by Terrence Malick
2. French, With a Little or a Lot of Violence
3. "Erotic Thriller"
4. Dreamy Film Set in Hong Kong, With Lots of Nat King Cole on the Soundtrack, Inexplicably
5. Films about the Irish Struggle For Independence

I'd like to talk about number 5, for a minute. HUNGER is the new film about Bobby Sands, the IRA prisoner who led the 1981 Irish Hunger Strikes at the infamous Maze prison near Belfast. To bring attention to the prisoners' demand to be treated as political prisoners, Sands starves himself to death over the course of 66 days.

God damn, if I wasn't blown away by this movie. It's a new kind of film -- the kind that only shows up once in a great while and truly annihilates you with its clarity of vision and purpose. It's also only 90 minutes which I think is an incredible feat -- it will give any film nerd a big hard on, with none of the calories.

HUNGER trailer:



Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Effective Marketing #55: Anti

Lars Von Trier is a weirdo. I have never been set on where I stand with him. At certain points in my past I thought he was some kind of genius. Then I hated him. Hard. Now somebody I love thinks he's kinda great, and thinks Dogville in particular is defo great. Dogville was the last movie of his that I saw, and it made me mad. Not quite sure whether I'll see this one, either, but it's an effective trailer nonetheless. Just seems like another exercise, a point to prove, rather than a "real film." But what do I know? I've only seen the trailer... --RWK