Friday, February 1, 2008

Encounter #37: Boogie in yo Butt

Spurred by a conversation with Odie about his Black History Mumf project. --RWK

Genius Marketing #3: Star Wars Legos

Kinda old news by now but after my realization below I instantly thought of this. This is about as nerdy as you'll see me get here. Anyways, I wish I still had some of my Star Wars Legos from time to time. All I got now: 2 General Grievouses and 1 Storm Trooper (action figurines), a Storm Trooper EPIII cup, a toy lightsaber, a Lego Darth Vader key chain (that I don't use), the original trilogy on letterbox VHS, and a Storm Trooper pin that I don't have a back for so I can't wear anymore. That shit is tight. But, yeah, back to "cool" stuff, like this. --RWK [video via]

Genius Marketing #2: Glow In The Dark

No video yet, but there's a new single here. >>cb

Nuff sed. Wait a tic: Is he saying he's as big as Star Wars? At first I thought it was just a cute homage/rip-off, like a lot of his image, but when you think about it, this is really equating himself with Star Wars. Who's the dark side? He seems to like everybody, wants to co-opt everybody. Is he the dark side? I mean, a lot of Star Wars nerds like the Empire more than the pussy ass rebellion punks. Or so I've heard. --RWK

What Community? # 12:
Wayne throws shirts

He's a special guy. I like him around. No sarcasm, I think I love him.


Encounter #36: What's A Girl To Do?

Another great video for a so-so song. Still kinda yummy, tho, in its almost-Bjork hook and odd almost-Donnie Darko look. Who directed it, Keith? --RWK [via Keith]

Encounter #35: Feel It All [UPDATED 2/22/08]

I'm not the biggest fan of her music but she makes great videos. I like this one even more than the 1234 video that got her famous. But that song is better, even if I like this title, and the spirit of this one, a little more. Maybe this one will grow on me. Especially if Van She Tech remix it (as first heard here). --RWK

UPDATE: The first remix I've heard of, from Gonzales, via Discobelle: zshare link

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Encounter #34: "The most frankly carnal lower lip in film history."

it hurts

Wouch. How am I supposed to go to class after seeing this? Post title from a line in this fantastic post by Dan Callahan. --RWK [via Ned Merrill's blog's banner.]

Encounter #33
Community #11
Tom Sutpen's miniseries

Just another friendly reminder that Tom Sutpen's blog (yeah, we're ripping it off, so what?) is probably my favorite, or one of my favorites, and his recent miniseries series of posts are utterly fantastic. Each one. However, I must say, my favorite is this one, Carry on, Tallulah. To see them all CLICK HERE and enjoy yourself. America, fuck yeah. --RWK

Community #10: Hail, Freedonia!

Perhaps one of the greatest films of all time. I should watch the whole thing again sooner than later. Oh, boy. Literally LOL in the computer lab. --RWK [via]

Monday, January 28, 2008

Encounter #32: It's only oral.

Oh, Hayden Panettiere, just 8 years ago you were trying to run a football team with Will Patton as you dad and Denzel Washington as your dad's unlikely, loveably gruff (that means black, apparently) boss in Remember The Titans. Yeah, she was 11 then, 16 in this clip. Guess you know where that whole image is heading in another 8 years... --RWK

Encounter #31: Moving to the left.

This song is so cocky it's everything I hate about Beyoncé, but that one line of the hook is so overproduced it's undeniable, delicious. And, of course, she's easy to look at -- even when she's shrieking. I don't think I'd ever get to thinking that Beyoncé couldn't go out and replace me in a minute. Hell, it'd take a second. Except in Berkeley. There's very few true ballers in Berkeley. Or, at least, in the Berkeley I know. --RWK

Encounter #30: Lady, live on the Chris Rock Show

C'mon... how much sexier can it get? Suit and corn rows? Skinny guitar-playing dude with a bow tie? Sheesh. When I wasn't listening to silly Bay Area hip hop in high school I was listening to shit like this. This, and, you know, Pavement. I was fucking diverse, if anything but sexy, in 1997. I had half the equation these guys embodied/embody. --RWK

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Encounter #29: (Untitled) How Does It Feel?

This has to be one of the great music videos, one of the great songs. Nobody (I talk to, except Cam, I guess) even thinks of this genius. (And when they do they forget that Raphael Saadiq produced this track with D'angelo; one of two track-specific co-productions on Voodoo.) How come D'angelo is seemingly forgotten? Where are you D'angelo? Even if you aren't this fit anymore, come out of hiding. The world could use some more true sexy back in its music. (JT's got nothing on this man.) Maybe I should talk about what girls I think are hot some day soon before this blog gets too, uh, gay? "Not that there's anything wrong with that." --RWK

Encounters 27 & 28:
Two Girls for my Two Boys

A quick plug for, miraculously, a dope bar in Berkeley! As hip as it may be (wants to be), the ratio of cute girls to regular joe's like myself and crew is, high.

And this ... Swedish Lupe