Saturday, November 22, 2008

No Capes #1: Straub-Huillet

What Community? #64: Sucked back into the tubes

God damn she is gross. I really cannot stand her. Nor am I free to fantasize like so many. At least, not while she's talking--that debate get-up was a good look. --RWK

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Songs #30: There's a leak

gotta love that long hair, right?
This is my post-run "so real I can feel my face" face. And this is my post-run stretching soundtrack. My soul has got to move.

The Paramount Singers - There's a leak in this old building

Encounter #121: More like it.

This video is kind of hilarious but the song is kind of the best thing ever in my life right now. Here I go; watch me. Gone. --RWK

Encounter #120: One shirt that continues to stay on.

This doesn't help either. In fact, it only makes matters worse. Like, really, wtf? Is that broad a real person? Also, who the fuck endorsed her singing career? Just take your top off some time, ScarJo; it's all anybody wants. --RWK [via]

Encounter #119: Shirt off, hey.

When you cant sleep cuz you dream ugly hurtful thingz, this trifle makes life seem ok again. But it doesnt help the sleeping, really. It just makes you want to eat steak sandwiches and fries, to take your shirt off and to play ball in a sunny park. --RWK [via palms]

Tuesday, November 18, 2008