Friday, November 30, 2007

Encounter Bill Clinton?

Because im an odd creature of pop-culture i read all the magazines on the stand at my local liquor store. _GQ_ is one of them (Kanye is on the cover). It is the Men of the Year issue featuring Kanye, Weezy, Casey Affleck, Seth Rogen, other good looking or talented (or both) dudes ... and Bill Clinton. I read the article, it made me cry. _GQ online_ only provides an interview that is not even good. read it if you like. But go buy this month's issue and enjoy.

Note: this recommendation comes from a guy who knows nothing about politics, world affairs, Bill Clinton, Africa, AIDS, etc... I dont say this with pride, just to display that the article is not only working on the level of what it discusses, but how (seemingly) perfect it portrays the more than fascinating former President Clinton.