Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Design Poach #9: Chinawhere? Ghostwho?


What: A Chinatown poster from Poland and a Ghostbusters poster from the Czech Republic.
Stolen from: some Cracked bit that Carlton fwd'd...

There's others in there that are good, but these two are defo the best. --RWK

What Community? #77: Go hard.

I steal, too, son. I stoled this from this dope shit. Also, mia, I know this is everything you like in images--that is, letters--but don't go too crazy over there! --RWK

The Roots and my second steal from KAnye today. sorry dude, but you steal shit too i guess.

This video is grand

For the three of you who read this blog... can you guess why I posted this video? Two hints: 1) its not the song 2) its nothin to do with Kweli

"Homecoming" John Forte + Talib Kweli from The ICU on Vimeo.
good luck on the exam