Friday, April 10, 2009

Take it Easy this Holiday Weekend

Tell Satan "What Up"

Can you believe this shit?

La Beauté Sauvage

This is the most terrifying thing I have seen in a long time.

Design Poach #16: Inglorious ads

Yea, it's gonna be pulpy. I'm sure it will look pretty, too, based on the track record. But who knows how "good" that means it'll turn out. --RWK

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Butt Copy

I'm not a particularly strong guy but I could probably break the lead singer of this popular Australian band in half *GAHHH* (like a fucking breadstick). That being said, I am quite gay for their music.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

S.A.I.G.O.N. D.I.S.C.O.T.H.E.Q.U.E.

I found these pictures on Facebook this morning of some random person's Vietnam trip. Holy Christ, I have never wanted to wear linen pants so bad.

And you know what? I realized that I am not impressed by girls with their French accents scribbling cursive shit into journals in some café on the St. Germain des Prés.

This is what I want.

(I guess this is the photog's website:

Monday, April 6, 2009

The bay bridge in the fog

JJJJound is BBBBallin

I don't really know how to describe the blog JJJJound except that it has no words -- just pictures of "stuff." Basically it goes something like this: picture of a girl's tits, picture of a nice dress shirt, picture of nice sneakers, black and white picture of Prague ... on and on for literally hundreds of images per blog post. If you think that's gay go fuck yourself because this blog is essentially Cliff Notes on how to look, talk, dress, think and fuck like a man.

My dad used to give me this big, rambling speech when I was younger about "getting into fights", "having your heart broken", and "breaking someone else's heart" and some other thing about "learning to drive stick shift" but I would have much rather he showed me JJJJound. Enjoy.

No Capes #12: Thompson


Encounter #139: Worst come-down ever

Drunk man robs liquor store, or tries to, and destroys it. Perfect. I watched this without the sound the first time because I had some tunes blaring and, yup, that's the way to watch it. If you watch it with its own audio, there's some dude talking the whole time, "narrating" or some such, over a cheezy synth bubble soundtrack. Cuz it's from a cops-n-robbers type of program for the television. Those are the worst. --RWK