Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Don't Need Anythin on Any of my Blogs other than what Olberman said Below

but I think its "amazing" that a) Im interested in him('s) music tirelessly (right now) and b) that the song is dope.

Kanye West and Youthful Jeezy play Amazing.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What Community? #62: Special Comment on Prop 8

I think he's allowed to use that send off. --RWK

Encounter #118: A frightening remix.

It's almost cool, almost, to see MJ dance here. He still can move his body the way a lot of people would like to move their bodies. But, well, he looks like a ghost. Like a fucking ghoul. And that push-her-head-from-behind move is just disgusting coming from that face/body. Like, totally ill. And, finally, the biggest response: wtf? Fuck Brett Ratner. --RWK [via carlton]

Monday, November 10, 2008

[Just plain] Marketing #37: Up.

I'm a Pixar fan. Big time. So this is tight. Especially that shot of the balloons rising past that window. So much color. I spent a lot of time in Emeryville this fall and lemme tell you: that Pixar campus must be delightful behind that security camera cuz I felt like this dude a lot. Good thing I am, in fact, going to do something similar at the end of this calendar year. Except my uprooting will involve a lot of shucking instead of holding onto my belongings. (It's already begun.) --RWK