Friday, February 13, 2009

What Community? #81: Forgotten man no more.

My Man Godfrey plays tomorrow night at Film Forum. I wrote about it over at Spout Blog. If you're a cheap date, or you got no date, you can watch the thing on youtube by following the trajectory this video above affords. You might like it! Cuz it's great! --RWK

Headlines #3: Woman gives birth two days after dying

OXFORD, England, Jan. 12 (UPI) -- Doctors in Oxford, England, say they kept a woman's body alive for two days after her death to allow her to give birth.
The Daily Mail said Monday despite the fact professional ice skater Jayne Soliman was declared brain dead last week, doctors were able to keep her body alive long enough to deliver her unborn child via Cesarean section.

David Phillips, a fellow skater and friend of Soliman's, said Soliman was deemed legally dead last Wednesday after suffering a brain hemorrhage caused by a tumor.

The 41-year-old woman had been 25 weeks pregnant at the time, so doctors used large doses of steroids to speed up the unborn child's lung development.

Phillips said within 48 hours of Soliman's official death, she became the proud mother of a nearly 2 pound, 2 ounce girl.

"She lived to have a baby girl -- that was the one thing she wanted in her life," Phillips told the Mail of last Friday's birth.

"This would have been the best day of her life," he added later.

Nope. Just can't deal with this one. --RWK

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Encounter #132: Fuck Yea Kittens

Really. I know it'll be everywhere in a second. It's already everywhere. It deserves it. There's a lot of good ones in there. Good one, girl. (And Dad?) --RWK

Encounter #131: Who wins? Dave?

I know it's probably annoying to deal with that kind of behavior but, still, isn't Dave just kind of mean sometimes? Also, the Unibomber joke was flat, and rude. But the final punchline, Jaoquin-approved, is a good one. Oh, and, read Karina and Dan; they're smart. --RWK

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Inglorious Marketing #48: Basterds

Of course I would blog it, too. What do I think? I think it's kinda silly, of course, and easily just a marketing ploy to amp up all the "dumb" stuff, but it still has me worried. I really cannot evaluate at this time. It's that confounding. Except, of course, that I fucking hate Eli Roth (defo the worst part of those sexy bar scenes in Death Proof). Also, am I wrong or is BJ Novak only ever a toolface assclown? Sam Levine? Clearly I have not read the script like a lot of other nerds out there in iNet-land. --RWK

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Encounters #129, 130: Buenos dias, hide + seek

My friend Andrew's baby girl is a perfect "subject" and a superstar. --RWK

(NOT) Genius Marketing #47: Milk is PED for jeans.

big jeans
You hafta be kidding me. Steriods build jeans up, too? (Ad circa 2006.) --RWK

Monday, February 9, 2009

Goats #5

What Community? #80: Enough, people. A redundant rant.

still huge
[Still fucking huge.]

Baseball just does not know how to regulate its image with any kind of smarts. Why is everybody involved in that sport so fucking righteous and obnoxious? Even when A-Rod talks with candor about his shit, people get riled up to say he's the devil. Granted, I've not read all that much about this, but, shit. He said it was a "loosey-goosey" time. And boy was it lucrative. Why do people play into these roles? Of course it's absurd how much money he makes! He can do things that few other humans can. Same with Bonds. And, again: that shit was tight to watch! Turning a blind eye and smirking is disingenuous but it's not the end of the world. All this backtreading hoopla involving the Senate and all that crap is worse, somehow, because all it is, at bottom, is a way for some assholes to feel better about being assholes to other assholes whose daily summer performances make them less asshole-y and more god-like than the real humans they are, which, in turn, makes us assholes feel less asshole-y and, if we're lucky, lifted by the sight of something beyond us, beyond our capabilities and our stations. I mean, yes, it's annoying that these dudes "cheated," I guess, but it's not like either A-Rod or Bonds got a ring out of the deal. Goes to show that MLB can't spin anything into positivity in the end. Cuz, honestly, when it comes to Giambi, who was doping when he was smashing for my Oakland Athletics, I'm pretty okay with it because, well, he accepts his guilt, he continues to smash and I had a ton of fun watching those 2001 A's, as that was probably the best baseball team I've ever seen assembled. Sports shouldn't be a theatre for morals! It's spectacle and flight of fancy, it should be fucking fun. Gah. That's why I watch more and more and more basketball. That, and, well, the NBA is now back to always awesome highlights. This past week? Amazing. But, enough, I know. Cutting it off...right about...NOW! --RWK

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Design Poach #10: tres mujeres

What: A poster for Altman's (neglected?) masterpiece, 3 Women (available on Criterion, Netflix), that is, for some reason, produced and designed in Spanish, duh. I would put this on my wall. Maybe.
Stolen from: Masochistic Opposite, a tumblr found thru another tumblr thru another tumblr... u know how surfing goes...