Thursday, February 7, 2008

Encounter #44: Going Nowhere

It's no Beau Travail but it's pretty good, pretty odd, pretty pretty. And, you know, the song is good. That whole fucking album is good. Gonna test it: a top five favorite. Take that, Discovery! Prompted, as expected, by an evening of little productivity on the homework front. Off to bed. --RWK


  1. My first comment in disagreement with a post, yes, I'm that bored:

    Better than Discovery!?


    "Sweet Jesus I'm gonna work"

  2. Not necessarily. But sometimes... I just think it's a perfectly put together (sequenced) album storywise. The movie they made to accompany Discovery helps its throughline but just as a listening experience I think there's a better, stronger, harder, but not faster, argument sustained song to song, start to finish, on Bright Like Neon Love.

  3. If you look at it that way, you're right. I just haven't look for that in an album in forever. A good album for me now just has a bunch of good songs. Discovery probably has the most bangers of any album ever.

    Damn, this is why I don't post comments, they make you sound retarded:

    "Discovery probably has the most bangers of any album ever."

    And that's how I talk in real life.