Friday, March 7, 2008

Songs #6: Love Lost, 8:08 @ The Beach [UPDATED]

love lost
Two French Touch space jams I've been digging a lot recently. They help me zone out and feel the groove. The first song, from Alan Braxe and Fred Falke, is old news, simple as hell, and maybe a little melancholic, but it's pretty perfect -- and restorative. The second song, from Falke alone, is kinda new. Every time I put it on my shoulders start to move involuntarily and then my head bobs and by the end of its six minutes my whole body can't quit: I feel this song. I know this. Forget about Lou Reed's idea of the prefect day: this is it. You know it. You've all had that perfect day -- that perfect summer day -- that winds down somewhere south, or maybe west, of wherever you call home -- somewhere with plenty of sand and waves -- and all you have to do is lean back, drink something and enjoy your friends. If you haven't had that perfect day, you're missing out. Like Brian Wilson says, SMILE! (Except I'm actually smiling!) --RWK

Alan Braxe and Fred Falke - Love Lost (zshare)

Fred Falke - 8:08 @ The Beach (via fluokids)

[Pix: Couldn't find my copy of Jules & Jim, or Masculin-Feminin, so another pair of French films (both by the same auteur) will have to do. There, I gave you a big hint this time. As if it wasn't already obvious.]

UPDATE: Or, should I say, more theft. Here's a new Fred Falke remix I'm already in love with.
a golden cage
The Whitest Boy Alive - Golden Cage [Fred Falke remix] (via DISCODUST)


  1. your idea of what is obvious is pretty skewed. I have no idea what these stills are from. haha. but you know that website freeNIKES!? want to go there?

  2. i AM there, son!

    maybe i AM skewed. i guess i just assume people know who i like, and can spot that actor in the top pic, and can make some connections about the pictures pretty easy. but i'm wrong. cuz even you are a fan of this auteur and you can't pin it down. maybe you haven't seen the film the second still comes from? anyways: think about it: what of french director besides godard do i own multiple movies?