Monday, April 7, 2008

What Community? #24: "They do ordinary things! That's not why we go to the movies!"

I better just let robbiefreeling say it; he's seen the movie.

With so many mainstream print critics losing their jobs, the question remains: Why can't the cretinous, film cultureĆ¢€“killing TV critics join them? Here's old pro, and by all accounts worthless asshole Jeffrey Lyons (once, the "rational one" when paired with conservative hack Michael Medved back in the 90s) "reviewing," retching, whining, obnoxiously talking over his by-association genius co-host, and pitying himself for having to watch Flight of the Red Balloon. Incisive stuff here.

I am really looking forward to this picture. I think I'll have something more to say when I see it. But for now I'll say, Geeze, Lyons, do your job. Ordinary things does not equal boring, much less bad. Sheesh. --RWK

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