Sunday, May 11, 2008

Songs #19: The Boys Are Back In Town (cover)

Inspired by the most recent post at Glenn Kenny's new blog, Some Came Running (love the blog name), I've uploaded another cover I dig. It may not be to everybody's liking as homeboy is rather nasal-y and can be quite irritating sometimes. But the thing I dig about him is how earnest he is; you can tell he really digs Kels as much as Thin Lizzy. Kels? Yeah, he takes this cover into a cover of "Ignition (remix)" at the end. I guess that's another reason I like this so much. --RWK [Big ups to Evan for giving me this song a while ago.]

The Mountain Goats - The Boys Are Back In Town (cover) (zshare)

[Pic: here's some boys about to leave town.]

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