Sunday, May 4, 2008

What Community? #33: I love the energy and the spirit here.

Since I fancy myself some kind of critic, lemme pledge solidarity with AO here, judging only by what I will post below.

Roeper is such a hater. So, I guess as part of the promo for John M Chu's Step Up 2: The Streets, or maybe just for fun, really, he and his star, Adam Sevani, challenge Miley and Mandy to "The Biggest Online Dance Battle in the History of Man Kind"...

Yea, that was dope. Right? Right. Okay, so how do them (idiotic? obnoxious?) jailbaiters respond? Pretty well. It's a better video for that Madonna single than the one she made with JT and Timmy...

Damn, that Channing Tatum guy is kinda tight. But, wait, the next response from the Adam / Chu Dance Crew has even more celebrity cameos. Spot 'em all! (They help you out.)

I'm fucking sold. When I saw TWBB last January there was a trailer for How She Move and I really wanted to see it then. Of course, I didn't remember it, or make time for it. But now I might start watching dance clips all the time on youtube. Also, I just want to see where this goes from here. The energy and the spirit -- both of them -- are fucking dope. The internet is a wonderous tool, platform, theatre and audience. --RWK

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