Monday, August 25, 2008

Songs #24: Swagger Like Us

The M.I.A. sample (already?!) is actually pretty dope, altho they ride it too much, and everybody's coming pretty hard to match that bassline. But Kanye's on some new autotune tip that I can quite endorse (it's no surprise that Wayne's version works a lot better) but I get the whole syntheti-chic thing their going for. And, is it really that shocking that T.I. does the best? He rides these cinematic beats better than most current rappers; plus, his bluster is micro compared to his track mates, which is appreciated. Understated mugging? Is that possible? It's something about his voice, and how he actually sounds angry. By contrast: Kanye sounds like he phoned that verse in from the mansion of insularity that his life is, that you can see on full display on his blog; Jay's funny, at least, with his opener about skinny jeans, but his singing is, well, hilarious for a different reason; Wayne is pretty gorgeous on most tracks, and this breezy "just playin" style is typical, great, slight. It boils down to this, though, for me: T.I. talks about his dad! --RWK [via Discobelle]

T.I. feat Kanye, Jay, Wayne - Swagger Like Us (zshare)

[Pix from a "hip-hop" movie that can probably stand in as some kind of "black all star" flick. But I probably shouldn't go and say things like that for obvious reasons, like, sweeping generalizations are dumb.]

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