Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Encounter #110: Morvern Callar

Rewatched this because of an exchange I saw on a friend's facebook wall reminded me of that post Glenn threw up a while back which I thought was going to be the reason for a rediscovery. I dunno. This thing is just too good. And, again, I wonder where Lynne Ramsay's gotten to, what she's been up to, if she'll make another film soon. Once again shows why things like this silly project don't make sense -- as of right now I think this is better than each of the other three films I've listed before it on that 2002 list. But then I think, is it, really? Then, why not? Stupid sentimental attachments keepin those other three ahead of it? The way I rationalize it is that, yes, PDL is more of a "favorite" than Morvern Callar. Although, to be perfectly honest: who the fuck knows? If not me, nobody, I guess, since it's my favorites, but what I'm really trying to say is that maybe this time next year Morvern Callar will once again rise in my estimation and I'll rank it just behind The New World on that Ten Favorites of the 2000s list. This is a mess of gobbledygook. But I needed to spew because I need to go drink some water and finish writing something else, something more, um, serious. ATTN: CB, watch this movie. Then tell me things. Please. --RWK

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