Friday, September 19, 2008

Live from London: "Stretch a Canvas"

As this fucking city is somehow eons behind in broadcasting american TV shows and films, I've gone and done some searching for their local brand of awesomeness. This, so far takes gold. He;s called the Fonejacker and he's on point.

Canvas Stretcher

Internet Providings

Hilarious African character, "George"


and Terry Tibbs

Sorry for not posting in ages, all you readers out there! ha.

>> cB

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  1. Not like I been doing much over here, either. Been so addicted to my Google Reader that I haven't thought to do anything but share shit on there.

    But these are good, weird. As I prep my b-ball column, maybe I'll get back into the swing of freeNIKES! posting. Right now I need some grease. And, of course, we be waitin on the next Live from London dispatch...