Saturday, December 13, 2008

Genius Marketing #39: How many platforms can we conflate?

He's got it down to a science, sonnz! Like everything in his life. Even those post-game kisses for the girls are a calculation. It's bizarre. But now that he's become -- what? -- a man (what?), he's affable. His will to power is subsumed in the fun of his celebrity. And this kind of marketing is really just genius. "Oh, we get the unadulterated look?" HEEEHCK no. It's like Romany Malko says, "You think all'a this--you think any of this is a accident?" Every angle has been played here. He even gets to plug another sport for Nike footwear. I guess there was some kind of webcast about the shoe. But my iNets have been down for a minute. Whatevs. This is hilarious, smart, sexy. I want those shoes! --RWK

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