Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Genius Marketing #42: A View to a Kill

Cuz I been thinkin Bond recently (_QoS_ is straight bizarre), and cuz Slayo thinks nothing will ever top this one. Judging by the looks of this thing, which is pretty bizarre in its own right/s, he may be right. Or wrong. Drastically so. Then again (again), Walken wanting to destroy Silicon Valley in 1985? Grace Jones, period? Golden Gate WHAT!? --RWK
Five minutes later:
Slayo: hahaha
Walken was ahead of his time
RWK: defo
Sent at 11:14 AM on Wednesday
Slayo: also, roger moore is like 80 years old in that movie
RWK: hahahaha
like the greg oden of bond
Slayo: hahahaha

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