Monday, December 29, 2008

--- Vicky Cristina Barcelona ---
Life is Cycling Downhill

Not totally sure what to say about this film. But thats why there are pictures of Penny JAvi and Scarlett. In fact the movie itself lives by a similar philosophy. Its all narrated by a dorkus white boy, a fairy tale voice for certain, a fairy tale film so indulgent in all things beautiful, why say all that much about the non-gorgeous? why not spread more art (it does) more beauty (it does) more of this fucking city that i have the pleasure of currently living in,(it does indeed). Its kinda Godard, kinda Woody aLlen. how? Scarlett´s character, Cristina, is a free-spirited, sexually uninhibited, blossoming artist, frolicking around Barcelona, who only knows what she "doesnt want." Still, no matter how badly Woody Allen doesnt quite want his characters satisfied, much less his audience, he fails miserably here, and we all walk away happy and horny. As for my title, pues, the only time bikes get ridden, is when theyre going downhill. ahhh,

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  1. best review i read.

    wut a treat. just a big meal, everything yummy, everything salted. "it's a passing thing. now it's over." you were/are right: if you can, NEVER watch this movie alone.