Thursday, May 7, 2009

A little NBA Action ...
Artest and Rafer

I don't hate the Lakers ... I like them, I guess. Mostly bc its fun to watch a great player be great. That being said, Ron Artest (haircut and all) is so cool and Kobe is so easily put into his place as an LA brat. have you seen his face when he's winning??? ewww. much less losing. Fuck a Lebron/Kobe matchup. it wont be close. I hope a more passionate "team" goes on to play the Cavs, who very much deserve to beat anybody they end up against. The Rafer thing is weird. If he did it to anyone but a Celtic, id probably be more skeptical of him now. but i sympathize with him. fuck you Doc, fuck you Ed House.

Also, I wasnt able to extract the one post on its own, but on free Darko (a blog I go back and forth on), today's post about Dirk was really great. Its called "What's Safe, Sound and Vulgar." It has to do with Dirk specifically and race relations in the NBA generally. I highly rec'd it. thanks, sincerely, cuyler.


  1. I'm really pumped about a Nuggz/Cavz finale. I think that'd be killer. I also want the Rockets to win in 5. Then I want the Nuggz to win in 7. Then I want the King to win in 6, with Melo dropping 36ppg on the other side. Maybe Chauncey could lay down 50 one game at home.

  2. I didn't know "z" had come back. It's the Return of the Ganstaz?