Sunday, February 10, 2008

Encounter #47: Your Big Winner, Back From "Rehab" -- UPDATED (TWO THREE TIMES)

I just don't pay attention to music anymore. Or, I don't pay attention to anything but what's currently en vogue among my friend group, like this French Touch/French Club/Italodisco/Aussie Party tip I've been on. How come I never heard this when it came out? It's, like, a big deal, right? How come I only heard it now, after her trip to rehab? Oh well. I salute you, Amy. May you stay crazy, and productive, and clean. (We don't need no more of this.) I'm sure it's been said before but, wait, this girl is white? --RWK

UPDATE: Grammy performance. Dig those dancers, those facial expressions, the 'hive. Don't dig that terrible directing or the sound mix (disregarding the TV quality, those dancer/singers sound mixed way down, and flat). Way to go, girl. Nice horseshoe tat. SECOND UPDATE: First, A better quality Grammy performance. Second, the song that best exemplifies what I dig (what a ton of people dig, I imagine) about her almost-mod, almost-soul, almost-sexy, almost-60s, all-love, all-pathos, all-awesome schtick. THIRD UPDATE: How did I forget the winning speech? Her stunned face is priceless.