Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Encounter #51: Kanye's Flashing Lights

pretty strange actually, good for him


  1. Good grief! She's amazing, yes, and so is the video, kinda, despite being one of the weirdest mainstream things I've seen. This has to be another homage/rip off but I don't know of what. There's plenty of gangster movies with people in trunks. But a shovel? From her? Wouch.

    Who directed this?

  2. well its probably taken its theme from yea, gangster shit, but it is Spike Jonze. And the end is kind of French new wave-y, right? that quick cut to title, in that technicolor?
    well said though, strangest mainstream shit out

  3. i honestly don't know whats better- her tits or the saturation.