Saturday, April 5, 2008

Encounter #72: "Fair Weather Fan" moment of the decade

square wave
This is from Bill Simmons' most recent all-NBA mailbag, which is a lot longer and insightful (and funnier) than I expected since I stopped reading Simmons with any kind of regularity about three years ago. But, now, peep this -- I couldn't agree more:

Q: As a Warriors fan who witnessed a truly unique fan experience last year, I feel the need to report that the fans officially jumped the shark (on Sunday night against the Mavs) when I witnessed The Wave at the Oakland Arena. Did you see it?
-- Mike, San Fran

SG: Yup, I watched it happen live and reacted the same way I did when Jaye Davidson revealed her member in "The Crying Game." For the real Warriors fans who stuck with the team through thick and thin and got priced out from home games after last spring's memorable run, we're feeling for you. Not only are we down to one potentially great NBA crowd and that's it (MSG if the Knicks ever get resucitated), but my "Roar of the Crowd" column from the 2007 playoffs officially feels like it was written 20 years ago. It's just appalling. I can't get over it. Is there any throwback experience that doesn't eventually get ruined in professional sports? Watching Warriors fans doing The Wave with one of their own players at the foul line would be like seeing Bruce Springsteen take over the "Our Country" commercials from John Mellancamp -- an indefensible, legacy-altering violation in every conceivable respect. This might have been the "Fair Weather Fan" moment of the decade.

Although I don't agree with his assessment that part of the reason the W-men are fading is because they don't have J-Rich's fire and that Monta isn't enuf of an "hombre"... The only thing logical in that response is that the team's biggest players (Baron, Jax, Monta) are tired because Nellie never rests them. Still, I'm holding out hope. Even though they'll most likely lose tomorrow and seal their fate as the most lovable flame-outs in recent memory (since those C-Webb/Divac Kings teams). And, who knows, maybe they'll be able to keep their core together. Just so long as they keep smiling before, during and after every game, including losses. (There's more to read about the Wave incident over here.) --RWK

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  1. An admission hidden by the comments fold: that lead picture I used has to be the nerdiest joke I've made on the internet. Guess I've been reading a lot of FreeDarko and getting, um, "inspired"...