Saturday, April 5, 2008

Songs #13: Nobody Lost, Nobody Found

I've been listening to In Ghost Colours almost nonstop since it found its way into my life last week. I think the second-to-last song is my favorite. I think the reason I dig their music so much is we share similar tastes, as can be seen in the press release stuff at Modular's website (click here). Plus, they're clearly into a lot of similar kinds of ideas about movement and eternity, which is dope. Anyways, here's that song I dig. It may play better if you've been listening to the whole album but it's still a pretty adorable song out of that context. Or so I think (and feel).

Cut Copy - Nobody Lost, Nobody Found
(hey, it was already on zshare!)

[Pic: back to a little eccentricity. But for fans of this work you'll spot this Latino instantly.]

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