Tuesday, April 15, 2008

(NOT) Genius Marketing #15: TRL freestyle by Heidi Montag

Yea, I never thought I'd post this either. But it's kind of unreal how big a train wreck this fake-as-fuck BZ really is in real live motion (as opposed to her photo stints on beaches and red carpets). I've never seen a full episode of The Hills but I have seen this. And this is, well, as good as you might expect it to be. She even tries to say she did some product placement in her "flow." But it gets better. You think it's over but it's not. Just wait. What? Nelly is beside her? What's he promoting? --RWK


  1. really fucking sad. i flipped by MTV yesterday and watched it live. nelly is nice about though, good for him. he should f- her. and then post that too.

  2. He _is_ nice about it. The tool host is so fucking smug, tho, it's a wonder why kids even like watching that show. I can't believe it's still a requisite PR stop. I mean, makes sense for Heidi -- she owes her existence to MTV -- but there's gotta be another way for other people to promote stuff with dignity.