Sunday, April 13, 2008

Songs #14: Valerie
Encounter #76

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From a message I wrote to Sanaz on that blasted, silly, attention whore of a social network, facebook:

I know I've been late in the game on this front. But. Am I lame or am I adorably sentimental? Are you back in the united states of america? Or, America!, as it were. America, where we bar bitches like this from entry cuz they never get they shit straight. It seems to me that she's writing and performing her own biography in song before leading the life she's reporting on. For instance: she covered this song before her boy got sent to jail. She's (not so secretly) kind of blowing my mind. That is, when I'm not writing my thesis and blowing my own mind. Anyways, this is awesome. Or I think so.


Amy Winehouse - Valerie (zshare)

[This dapper gent in the accompanying still above, likewise, thinks himself a pretty sharp fellow even though his ambitions are pretty transparent to anybody paying attention. He wants a woman he cannot have. Whereas I want a woman I don't know yet. Or so it often seems. How foolish. Why so much disclosure? Well, what's there to lose in something like this? It's just a handsome shot of a man thinking, smoking a fag and talking on the phone coupled with a wino singing a song (out of gender) about some absent lady. Nobody will fulfill you, a voice reminds. To that voice I reply, with my man here, that I know -- I just want a little attention amidst the clawing and the gnashing of the teeth. And the love.]

Also, a live version, for fun. Good night. Hope your weekends went well.

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