Monday, April 21, 2008

Title sequences #4: Catch Me If You Can

Clearly an homage to the guy I've used twice before in #1 and #2. When this started up that first time I saw the picture, I knew it would be a fun, good movie. As Cuy said yesterday, Leo really can carry a film. But, yeah, this sequence does what a lot of the Bass/Hitchcock sequences do, as well as the Pink Panther sequences, which kind of tell you about what Spielberg is after from the get go. Viewed with such inheritances in mind, the picture is even better, I think, since it kind of negates all those silly psycho-biographizing reads. Or, at least, tempers such an impulse. [Sequence by Kuntzel, Deygas, Add-A-Dog Studios and Nexus Productions] --RWK

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