Monday, July 14, 2008

Encounter #95: A Milli

I feel like Cuy should write his own essay about the odd appeal of Weezy but for now I just want to say I'm mostly fascinated by how plain weird a figure he has become. While, at the same time, not growing any taller. Only his muscles and ego and rep seem to get bigger (if not balloon). And he barely rhymes. Oh, and, yea, this is a terrible video. (An appropriately odd remix by Nadastrom can be found here.) --RWK

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  1. Well this is actually my first time seeing the video, which looks more like a first half of a video, but opening credits are usually a pretty good indication that something on MTV will sucklify. Wayne's become hard to watch; an open container of syrup doesnt have the same appeal as a blunt. Its boring and slow and droopy and more than anything, it is fucking lazy. On the bright side, he can sell a million really weird records in a week. Ive gone through tha Carter trois a bunch and its awesome, its just really so good. Like the first Carter. Its quite funny that you posted this today given a conversation i was having last night with Al Cam and R. Why is Wayne "the best rapper alive." Rachel (disregarding the last word) proclaimed biggie or tupac better. I agree with the former, but for reasons both Al and Cam supported, Tupac lacks jokes. Wayne's got an abundance of them. You have to laugh at other rappers or get people to laugh at other rappers, to be "better" cuz really, what the fuck does "best rapper" mean. Surely and clearly, Andre and Cee-lo and even Eminem and Phonte are "better" rappers. Wayne's weird world is fun to be a part of though. He;s the size and eyes of just another one of the kids. ya digg??