Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Songs #23: Jockin Jay-Z
(Not me.)

must hurt
What the fuck is this? I know Kanye just guested on an "Everybody Nose" remix but doesn't he know he can't beat The Neptunes (or Count and Sinden) at their own game? Doesn't he know he got bigger than big for sampling soul? I'm sick of this fad crap. Make something that might last. And this isn't even getting to the verses Jay offers. He was Mims before Mims popped up but, still, for somebody as respected as he is -- as a rapper with smarts and style -- this is flat, phoned-in, smug. You're cool cuz you hate the pleebs? It's devolved to that? Really? Fuck that mess. But it'll probably make money, just cuz it can. As he says, "It's too easy..." Feeling yourself is one thing but this kind of under-the-covers fooling is boring and dumb. And hateful. --RWK

Jay-Z - Jockin Jay-Z (zshare)

[Pic is from a movie about paranoid solipsism, and consequent devolution. No spuds here. Just ugly. And, by the way, the movie is, like, a billion times better than this song.]

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