Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Genius Marketing #30: Tiger 2.0, or Tiger is really from Nazareth

Look at Tiger (or Team Woods, or EA, or whatever firm): he's not just Jesus, walking on water, he's all Web 2.0, too. His new EA ad riffs on youtube and you can watch the add on youtube, setting up a dizzy turtles-all-the-way effect. I can't wait for the time when somebody just keeps filming themselves watching themselves on youtube to the point where it's just a long line of deferrals inside frame after frame after frame, a jagged line of shrinking perspective. But I'm way too lazy to do that. I'd rather just think about it. Maybe I'll search for it. In any event, it starts here. Somebody's got to film themselves watching Tiger's ad, which watches another clip, and then keep layering. It should resist sense, the sound clamoring and clipping and fighting itself. Somebody, do it. Please. --RWK [via all kinds of sports blogs, which I seem to be reading more and more; meaning, of course, that I'm reading less and less film blogs]

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