Saturday, November 29, 2008

Genius Marketing #38: Chalk it out.
Considerable linear extent in space #3

Those W+K folks do know what's up. This thing points to so many (ephemeral) cultural signposts that it's hard not to just vibe and digg it when all that white stuff starts flying. It's also a joke, right? Brush the dirt off yo shoulder Nikes? Weezy in Portland cheering Bron against the Blazers? Blazers? Wayne? The ad copy on the youtube page is pretty hilarious, too: "The pre-game ritual of LeBron has become a symbol of the ultimate Just Do It moment." Right, cuz throwing garbage into the air is, like, such a bigger thing than a free-throw line dunk with a tongue wagging in the wind. The best thing about the ad, though, is something Jordan never quite pulled off: I believe Bron's smile. Anybody who watched that Road to Redemption crap (hell, I got sucked in about a minute into it) knows that The King is always joking, always talking, always acting a fool, like always; he just won't quit. Except when he thinks shit gets real. The great thing about that Nov 5th clip is that he's still kinda joking around while being kinda serious and kinda smart; I mean, dude is tired post game and he's trying to act cool about the whole exciting times, but you can see the giddy. I digg how much he actually lets the public see. He keeps enough privacy that his on-display antics are enough to build a picture around. That, and, well, he's god-ish on the court. Did you see this shit?

He's got CLEIS, too, but his is--his is just, or it's more, fuck, well--LBJ is kind of gross he's so good. We talkin title year?

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