Sunday, November 2, 2008

Songs #26: Hybrid Moments

scream with me
Switchin it up a bit, and stealing the opportunity to share this zshare link while it's up. Plus, I watched this movie this morning when I could sleep and, while it may be a lesser work from this hilarious master, it's still pretty great--and sexy! Like, whoa. Victoria Abril is one hot lady. So much so that Antonio there tells her so right as she pulls a dress up over her ass. What I like so much about his early pictures is their energy. For all the greatness of his recent work, none can pop and sizzle like this or other from pre-Oscar sanctioning... Oh, and The Misfits. Yes, The Misfits. As I told Mark, the main association I have with Danzig is Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I didn't watch TV as a kid and I never had a Misfits phase, either, even for a second, until this past week. And, truth be told, my Misfits phase is limited to this song on repeat. --RWK

The Misfits - Hybrid Moments

[Is getting beat up the ticket into her heart? You bet! Well, that and a touching anecdote about a solitary childhood memory that's flooding the mind.]

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