Monday, November 3, 2008

Songs #28: These girls are rmx'd to chime/kill.
What Community? #62: We saw some Halloween crazy.

In these daze of waning interest in most things bloghouse, when I mostly want to listen to house -- or DEEP house -- the Valerie crew still kills me. I'm just a sucker for synths, I guess. Also, epic things. My Halloween was epic. But it was more epic in a let's fight this ass clown for his cab kind of way. Less of a dressed to kill kind of way. Still, we got our life on. We saw some sites. We saw some numbers, some neons and blacks and blondes and pavement up close. We saw a young man fight a mattress with his head hanging low and his shirt tattered by life; and we saw a mob of bums laughing, seeing us fall on the ground. We saw my hand a bloody mess. We saw no cabs for 30 minutes. We almost saw the sunrise. If we found some facts along the way I'd want their crazy to be scored by this song. Luckily, we did not find any facts. We only found fairly crazy crazy. And I lost some valuable thing. Some thing. Something like money, something like a name, something like knuckle skins. --RWK

The Outrunners - These girls are dressed to kill (Russ Chimes rmx)
(direct discodust link)

[Pix: I found some facts in Carlton's room, with Pager Code goin nutty in between changes. We'll see if these gain public motion, but, for now, I gotta be real: doesn't look good, iNet mini-monde.]


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