Thursday, December 18, 2008

Me Encanta la Comunicacion

One thing that is so wonderful about Barcelona is the small vasos. Beer is always served in half pints, coffee in espresso cups, when ordering a bottled water unless you are clearly one foot out the door, you are given a tiny litte glass to pour your water into and sip elgantly. I love small cups. If I drank milk Im sure theyd have a small cup answer to that order as well. Small cups, small streets, small jeans, small prices, small stairwells. ¿DO I have a problem with America? No of course not. This is real good here though, real nice.

I also am so in love with the way I communicate with friends back home. gchat is digital gold, textaul sex and dexterous comedy. Tooting my horn a bit, heres an example.

I love nikes. I also love vans and converse, but getting the latter two free just wouldnt be as satisfying.

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