Saturday, December 20, 2008

Quick Lit Shit #10: Philosophical Investigations

I began reading it last summer in a course I thoroughly enjoyed. In our abbreviated term we only had time to cover the first 250 or so sections. Since then I've probably re-read the first 150, when I've thought to, with occasional ventures out past 250. Someday soon, after I graduate, say, I will look at it again. Or, you know, when I get to grad school, as the case may be in a few years. This is one of those things I might elect to travel with me to a deserted island -- so long as I had some paper and pen of my own. Or, perhaps, some way to mark the sides of rocks or the insides of caves. Of course, being alone on a deserted island with this book might be supremely depressing since its main goal is to a kind of therapy for our daily life in the world; how we may better remain in the everyday. It's funny, too, in its sly (dry) way.

A note: This kinda makes me barf. I've defo read more now and I think I can speak about it a lil better, too. Yuck! Still, this lil nugget was deemed (voted?) a "Super Review" on the ole fb. --RWK

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